Take your business to new heights.

An advisory board built by businesses for businesses.
Take your business to new heights.
An advisory board built by businesses for businesses.

No fluff.
No ego.
Just serious value.

Join an advisory board built by business owners for business owners and find a safe place to share the good, the bad, and the challenges that have you stumped.

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No fluff.
No ego.
Just serious value.

So, what on earth is an advisory board?

An advisory board is a group of business leaders who get together once a month to have in-depth discussions about their business.

No topic is out of bounds – we cover mental health, financial and strategic direction, and tackle challenges our members are currently facing. Every person in the room runs their own business and brings unique yet expansive experience to help benefit your business.

How are we different?

Unlike a Board of Directors, members don’t hold fiduciary responsibilities. They are problem-solvers, not binding decision-makers.

Beyond the smoke and mirrors

Running a business gets lonely. We get it. We’ve been there, too.

Thought Pilots Advisory Boards are different.

We don’t do facades. We don’t do grandstanding. And we don’t pretend everything is rosy when it’s not. Why? Because we all know real change happens when we face reality.

These sorts of things can often turn into ego-measuring contests. There’s no value in that. It can leave you feeling isolated and confused. A lot of business owners find themselves thinking, “Am I the only one in the room who doesn’t have it all together? Am I going crazy?”

You’re not.

Thought Pilots set out to be different.

We’re not afraid to ask as many questions as it takes to get the answers needed for real change
Get to the heart of what is happening and what matters to you.
There are a lot of red herrings in business, we’re experienced in spotting and avoiding them.

Critique from the sidelines.

The crazy feeling often starts with well-meaning “experts” giving you advice.

These are the ones offering ever-helpful advice from the sidelines with no risk and no skin in the game. You know the ones… They’re always there telling you what you ‘should do’ or what ‘they would do’ in your situation.

But unsurprisingly, they’ve never actually walked a day in your shoes and couldn’t possibly understand what you’re experiencing.

So, who is Thought Pilots for?

Business owners who want to grow, improve their business and find support.

We all have blind spots, and they're called blind spots for a reason.

When you’re a business owner, you’re expected to have a grasp on all areas of your business at all times. Failing to do so results in “unexpected” and undesirable outcomes. Who’s shining a light on your blind spots, though?

Do any of the following statements resonate?
  • Support, you’re everyone’s rock when you own a business, but who’s yours?
  • Getting you off the hamster wheel, if your business needs you to turn up to run it, you don’t have a business you have a job. Is that worth the risks you’ve taken to get here?
  • Accountability. Typically, we get into business so we don’t have a boss, but who’s holding you accountable without one?
  • We get into business for the freedom and lifestyle, but now find ourselves working even more hours.
  • The business may be generating a reasonable profit, but it’s maxed out.
  • Where does it go from here? Are you playing to win or playing not to lose?
  • You’re thinking about succession. Who’ll take over before you burn out or retire?
  • Every decision feels loaded. You can talk to friends and family, but they don’t get it.
  • You’ve found yourself in a comfort zone, and it feels… so… safe. How do you go to the next level?
  • When it comes to complex issues, you don’t have a sounding board, ready to protect your interests. How do you know what you’re doing is right? Are you surrounding yourself with ‘yes’ people who tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear?

Sound familiar? Then, Thought Pilots is what you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to
Thought Pilots.

We leave ego at the door, so we can all get the most out of our businesses.

We put a lot of thought into the mix of each board – we want diversity in opinions and approaches, so we create boards with a unique blend of people and industries. But more importantly, we park egos at the door to create a safe haven to be vulnerable and share what’s real.

Each board features:
  • Eight members maximum, for a well-structured meeting
  • Business Advisory
  • Accountant for financial strategy advice
  • Highly experienced Chairperson for additional business insight
  • A monthly, structured board meeting
What to expect from your board meetings:
  • 40 minutes to deep dive into challenges, goals, or roadblocks for each business
  • Strategic advice & wisdom-sharing
  • A deep dive into tailored KPIs, financials
  • Current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis
  • A confidential space to float new ideas
  • Objective feedback from experienced peers

Why take flight with
Thought Pilots

We leave ego at the door, so we can all get the most out of our businesses.

Alignment is everything.

When we take on new members, we go through a thorough process to make sure we’re both the right fit. We don’t want to take on people who won’t get value from Thought Pilots, and we’re big on maintaining the values and integrity of our boards.

You matter to us.

You’ll feel at home at Thought Pilots. These boards were created to make a real impact in real businesses. So, we won’t lock you into a contract either. If you’re no longer getting value from your board, you won't be held hostage.

Serious professionals on every board.

Each board has a Chair Person and a Business Advisory Accountant. You’ll get so much value from your peer advisory board, but we want to make sure it’s backed up by the right expertise. This is how we make sure there’s serious expertise for business improvement, growth and strategy.

Where to from here?

Thinking about joining Thought Pilots?

After you’ve made the decision to join Thought Pilots, you'll have a one-on-one catch-up with one of our team.

We’ll take you through a face-to-face onboarding session where we dive into what’s important to you and what to expect from your first board day. This way, you’ll feel prepared to hit the ground running and get maximum value from your first session with us and every session moving forward.

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