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Thought Pilots

Advisory boards that pack a real punch

We are objective focused.

Thought Pilots’ boards focus on what really matters, and are dedicated to helping members overcome roadblocks that are affecting business growth and success.

Our advisory boards and board days are designed to pack a punch, to make an impact on your business, and to offer you the kind of support you actually need.

You’ll join a board that encourages you to be vulnerable, to share your business struggles, and to hear other business owners’ struggles, to feel a little less alone.

Thought Pilots was designed to be real.

It’s our mission to take business owners from passengers to pilots – without the fluff.

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Our values are designed to help you.

We’re here to be different, and it starts with making an impact.

Every decision we make for Thought Pilots comes back to business owners like you and the impact we can create.

We’re not here to shout at you from the sidelines with no skin in the game.

The Thought Pilots team is accountable to you, and we keep you accountable to your goals, too.

We’re not here to make money.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, we have other businesses that produce enough revenue. Thought Pilots is purely built on passion and a desire to support business owners like you. So, at every stage, we make sure our boards are aligned with each other and with Thought Pilots – so we can all continue getting the value we need.

We’re authentic.

That means our Thought Pilots team and the members of each of our boards. There are no exaggerations that create that imposter syndrome – just authentic communication to help you better yourself and your business.

Value is our top priority

Thought Pilots is about making a difference in the lives of business owners. The best way we can do that is by constantly reassessing how we provide value to you and your business.