Thought Pilots

Advisory boards that pack a real punch

No fluff. No ego.
Just serious value.

We don’t do the traditional advisory board structure… you know the sort. The ego-measuring, the facades about how well business is going, the playing up of successes and playing down of any kind of failure.

Thought Pilots focuses on people, problems, and progress.

We’re here to support you.

No matter what type of business you run, all business’ encounter problems and every business involves people. Thought Pilots helps your business progress. We do this within a collaborative, supportive, and understanding community of business leaders, focusing on real numbers and real stats to deliver practical and effective advice.

Everything you need to know.

We’ll help you achieve your business goal.
Thought Pilots is about helping you reach your goals (and then define new goals). Some advisory boards fall into the trap of thinking every business owner’s goals are the same – growth, scaling, stepping back.

At Thought Pilots, we know your goals can be so much more than that. Sure there’s more money, a bigger team, and that freedom you got into business for in the first place. But there are so many micro-goals along the way. Building a team you can depend on, taking holidays – real holidays where you don’t take 10 phone calls a day and continue to check your emails, or even striking the balance between team happiness and client retention.

We know business problems are rarely unique.
Hard times and challenges are isolating.

The thing about most challenges, though, is that they’re rarely unique – especially in the world of business. If you’re going through something tough, then chances are, at least one of your seven fellow board members has been through it, too.

Your Thought Pilots Advisory Board is the place to talk it through and gain insight from people who’ve been in your shoes.

What your board looks like.
Your board will be made up of eight members, including you.

It’s how we make sure your board meetings are well-structured – ensuring there’s enough time for each business without extending these meetings unnecessarily – you know, to the point that you can no longer engage.

We don’t just throw eight business owners in a room together, though. You’ll get a Business Advisory Accountant to back up each meeting with the right financial advice and strategy to support your growth plans. Each board is supervised by a highly experienced Chairperson, too. This brings that additional business insight and keeps things moving if your board ever gets stuck.

What your monthly board meeting looks like.
You’ll meet with your board for a half-day meeting – it sounds like a big time investment, but it’s one that pays a solid return for your business.

Each business gets 40 minutes to deep dive into business challenges, goals, and roadblocks they’re currently facing. Your peers will bring strategic advice, wisdom, and the comfort of their own hurdles to the table. Meanwhile, your board’s dedicated Chairperson and Business Advisory Accountant will ensure each business owner remains accountable to their KPIs and financials.

It’s the sharing of current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis, as well as a confidential and, more importantly, safe space for new ideas to be floated in. Basically, when you need objective advice or feedback from people who’ve been where you are – you can bring it to the board meeting.

What happens next?

Ready to join Thought Pilots?

It starts with a one-on-one catch-up with our team. Thought Pilots is all about alignment.

We don’t take on business owners who don’t get it or won’t get value from the meetings. Similarly, we want to bring on businesses that will bring value to their peers. It’s a two-way street, and our initial consultation is all about making sure traffic goes both ways.

  1. One-on-one initial consultation to get a feel for each other.
  2. Face-to-face onboarding session to understand your priorities and prepare you for your first board meeting.
  3. Hit the ground running at your first board meeting and walk away with a heap of value.
  4. Continue getting value from each monthly session, and if you’re not anymore? You’re free to walk away.